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Spelunking at Longhorn Caverns

Come out and get MUDDY!!  We're going CAVING!!  This isn't your usual tour of backlit stalagtites or little stalagmites called "fried eggs;" this is crawl on your knees, deep in mud and water, SPELUNKING.

More info is below, but you MUST call  Longhorn Caverns at 877-441-2283, and give them a credit card number to hold your spot.  Make sure you tell them you're with "Hill Country Outdoors / John Dukes".  Once you've done that, THEN come back and sign up here.

The tour will take around one and half hours and though we may see some of the "main" tour of paved caves, we'll spend 90% of the time crawling or hiking in mud or water.

I'm listing this as "difficult" on skill level rating, not because you need prior spelunking experience or that anything is actually that difficult.  You just need to be FULLY aware that you'll be in TIGHT spaces, sometimes with others, at times paritally submerged in water.  You will need to be rather flexible and you will need to be in really good shape.  Last year we crawled through something that was what I'd describe as a 2 foot by 2 foot box to get into the next cavern.  We even hiked for around 75 yards through a tube completely filled with water, except for the top 1 foot where our helmeted heads were (I had to tilt my head so my mouth was above water).  I don't want to discourage anyone from joining us, but this type of extreme and odd environment only attracts a certain type of odd personality - one who likes mud, scraped knees, and laughs at the idea of claustrophobia. (note: the water is down this year, so it'll be quite dry compared to last year.  We probably won't have tubes of standing water to hike through, though you will get muddy.)

$60.00 gets us in the cave and it rents us all the gear (helmet,  headlamps, knee and elbow pads) and believe me that the silt in the caverns is pretty permanent - you wouldn't want to bring your own gear in there.  You MUST wear long pants and closed-toed shoes that you don't mind either tossing or a permanent discoloration (taupe is a nice color!!).

If you have a waterproof camera/video BRING IT!!  Last year we used a waterproof box and two cameras were killed in the process (but all the people survived!)

The estimated end time includes time to grab a meal on the way home.  AND, as a group we can opt to run next door to Inks lake and take a nice swim.

Here's more INFO.

Event: Spelunking at Longhorn Caverns Event Cost: $60.00
Where: For Members Only Meeting Place: For Members Only
Address: For Members Only Meeting Address: For Members Only
Web Site: For Members Only Meeting Time: For Members Only
Location Phone: For Members Only Parking Cost: For Members Only
Start Date-Time: For Members Only Reg. Deadline: For Members Only
* End Date-Time: For Members Only PrePay Required: Due at Event
Event Leader: For Members Only
Event Summary: Hardcore spelunking in the WildCave section of Longhorn Caverns
Payment Details: For Members Only
Directions: For Members Only
Overnight: No Kid Friendly: No
Skill Level: n/a Dog Friendly: No

CHECKLIST - Gear Details and Rules
Dry Clothes
1/2 to 1 quart per hour required
MUST wear long pants and closed-toed shoes you don't care about.
* estimated

Hill Country Outdoors, Austin, Texas 78731, 512-771-5887

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